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Our Staff

Trained, Hardworking Staff.  "Team Clean!"

At Nanaimo based Christopher Stephens Cleaning Service, our professional team cares about results. A clean home or workplace for you is our priority! We have the highest level of technical knowledge among Nanaimo cleaning companies with our combined environmental science, house cleaning, sanitation and commercial cleaning knowledge and skillset. We comply with all provincial health regulations and strictly follow Covid-19 precautions. We use household safe disinfectants that are rated for institutional use.


Our Mission

Christopher Stephens Cleaning Service is committed to providing Nanaimo's best house cleaning and commercial cleaning through excellent customer service and skillful use of superior cleaning products and techniques!

Christopher Stephens.jpg

Christopher Stephens, CLGA, MSc.

Owner and General Manager

Christopher is simply obsessed with cleaning. A veteran pro cleaner with environmental safety training, he is committed to winning the battle against dirt on your behalf - efficiently and flawlessly. The techniques, the tools and the products he selects are based on one thing: getting the job done right. Only the best for cleaning service customers! His degree in environmental science lends him expertise in the chemistry of tough cleaning. Christopher's passion for cleaning defines the work of this top quality cleaning service!

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